P1010857This is Hope! If there is a swamp or mud puddle around, she’ll find it, and languish in the middle of it, only to emerge a black bloody mess. I told my pal Rochelle, I’d be forced to carry her around if I had to deal with her white body being covered in mud on a regular basis. Well, look what Quincy did today!

P1020250Yep, went to jump across a ditch, misjudged it, and went right in. Okay, it wasn’t on purpose, but I still think he was channeling his love interest next door. I knocked on Rochelle’s door and told her to come see Quincy. It takes a Village they say. Rochelle got the hose going, I held Quincy who whined through the whole thing and tried to bolt.

P1020251Here he is after what he perceived as waterboarding I’m quite certain. Needless to say, he won’t be off leash near that ditch again. Notice how green the grass is. It’s more like spring than the beginning of December. I’m not complaining one bit. Maybe Quincy had spring fever after all. This snowflake business just doesn’t fit! I think I’ll shut it off. 😜


17 thoughts on “QUINCY PULLED A HOPIE!

    • Dilip! So happy to see you here. Glad you found my new space. I haven’t been very active here lately. Really been trying to decide if I wish to continue blogging. Then, I see an old blogging buddy show up, realize it is a lovely way to share my photography and think, yes, I will keep going here. Your timing was perfect, LOL! I hope all is well, and wish you a healthy, happy 2015. Headed over to see what you’ve been up to.

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    • Oh I am so glad you have decided to continue blogging. I remember very well your support years ago when I was still a novice blogger 😀 so I’ll be dropping in to enjoy the photos you share and your writings too.

      Kindest regards and best always.


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