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Feel the peace and enjoy the beauty of winter. Bundle up and get out there. For those of you that live in warm climates….😝😘


23 thoughts on “AND SO IT’S FEBRUARY…

    • Thanks Pix! Quite dramatic. Taken with my phone and played with. I used to be so adamant about not altering my photos. Leaned to relax and have some fun because no one cares, and most do alter their photos in some way. I don’t with those from my camera for the most part. With my phone, I usually do.

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    • I love to play with pictures and I hardly ever post a photo that hasn’t been tweaked. CH and I were just talking about editing this morning. He is on IG too and I just got him interested in some photo editing apps. He has the bug now! I edit both the ones from my Nikon and my phone. It’s fun!!!! I always resize and sharpen at the very least. It looks very snowy up there in your world… 😀


    • We had some rain yesterday that whittled it down a bit, but more on the way. Have you tried “Snapseed”? Recommended in an article on taking better photos with your iPhone.


    • Yes I have Snapseed… I love it. It’s my go to editor. Snapseed is the editor that I told CH to get. That and Waterlogue. I also like BeFunky and Pixlr. I never use the app camera. I always use the phone camera and pick clicks from my camera roll. I also use Dropbox to move photos taken with my Nikon from my computer to my phone.


    • Well I was hoping YOU would know a better way to get pictures taken with the dslr and loaded to the computer to the phone. I think I might be missing something and making it difficult. I have no wi-fi capability on my Nikon, if that makes any difference. Do you share photos from your camera to IG? I know there is a wireless SD card but I am befuddled by that… 🙂 This is the last time I will bug you… promise.


    • Oh Pix, I just saw this comment. You could NEVER bug me. I think you can just email the photos from your computer to yourself and save them to your phone photos. Then upload them to Instagram.

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    • I’m not sure I understand the question. What app do I use for what? 🙂 I upload the pictures from my Nikon to my laptop using the SD card. Do you mean an app from my phone camera? I mail the pictures from my phone camera roll to myself. Sorry if this is getting confusing. I think your suggestion to mail the photos FROM my phone to myself is good and I am going to try it.. whew!


    • Haha, thought you wanted to move them from laptop to phone. I wondered if you use a photo altering app on your laptop to alter photos that you upload from your camera. Like Photoshop. That is WAY too complicated a program for me.


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