16 thoughts on “NESTLED

    • Aw jeez, you’re a Michigan girl. I took these during the snow storm we had on Thursday. It was so gorgeous. Some of it gone already as we had a below freezing temps. Expecting more though. 🙂


  1. That is a whole lot of winter you have up there! It’s very pretty but dang that’s a whole lot of winter. Love the stacked firewood all over… I do love a fire in the fireplace. Especially a morning fire on days just like you have posted here!
    Good Morning, Margie… build me a morning fire, please!


  2. Oh oh in my part the world even a bit of snow fall will be thrilling. And to enjoy the experience of snow we have to travel way up North to the Himalayan regions where everything is so beautiful. Your lovely pictures more than make-up for what I am missing. Thank you Margie. 🙂


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