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like this amazing Ascension Frigate Bird. I’m back from the beauty of island life, ready for spring, and to soar creatively. I have plenty of zen eyes’ captures to share. What I love about my Lumix versus my iPhone 6+ for photos, is the quality. These are right out of the camera, no altering, filters. With my iPhone, it is so very difficult, at least for me, to get sharp quality when you try to zoom in any manner, even a wee bit. That bugs me to no end. That being said, I do have fun playing around with altering methods and will be sharing quite a few of those as well. One thing that stays consistent for me with either camera is composition. What I see, you see, without cropping. Any who, I’m back on my perch, ready to see what’s up my sleeve creatively.   In the meantime, come visit the island with me Mon!


5 thoughts on “SOAR TO NEW HEIGHTS…

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