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img_8419Hellooooo! Hope 2017 is off to a good start for you all.  The holidays were busy, fun and filled with cheer. So happy to be back to routines. Phew! We are snow covered and cold, but I don’t let that stop me from basking in winter beauty as you can see from this picture. I just bundle up, put on my spikes (be careful on the ice!!!), and away I go. Spending time in my studio creating art, is top on my list of things to focus on this year. I know I am not on this perch very often, but one can only spend so much time in front of screens. Instagram is my screen of choice right now.  Wishing you what you want the most from this brand spanking new year, along with good health and happiness. xx


14 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Hi Margie – Happy New Year to you, too! Looks like you’re having fun. Love your heart-rock…and the Cardinal is gorgeous! Here’s to many many hours of playfully productive studio time.


  2. Happy New Year! Been missing this!! Your photos always capture the very best of what Mother Nature has to offer, as well as perfectfully framed moments in time….Happy that you’ll be sharing your photos in 2017😊


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