Welcome to my world, the “I have to pinch myself” world of northern Michigan. It’s not that I’m a stranger to this glorious part of the country, but now that I live here full time…be still my heart! Join me as I continue following my creative path. Photography is still my first love, but painting in watercolor, composing haiku, and dabbling in whatever else suits my fancy, will most certainly be shared with you right here, in my sweet new space. I am definitely smitten with the mitten. I think you will be too!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Margie! I have to say. . . I hate being cold but I do love mittens and your photography so cozy that I have to admit that you wear Winter well in northern Michigan — it looks a thousand times better in your woods than it does in our Long Island parking lots. Oh, wait; I just got the “mitten” thing: yeesh, I’m so slow you’d think I was an Ohio running back. (I hope I made that joke correctly. Here on Long Island we don’t like Ohio either, but not because of football. We just don’t like Ohio.)


  2. Hi again — Thank you for your wonderful note about my garden book. I bet that’s going to be, hands down, the very nicest thing that’s going to happen to me all day. I know even less about WordPress than I do about herbaceous borders so I don’t know where your Comment is, exactly, but it seems to have come from a very very old blog post, and that blog post seems to have editing marks on it. That’s really embarrassing, like having your slip show (back when we wore slips). I hope you don’t mind that I pasted your Comment into this week’s post because, well, I am a very needy person. If you would like to approve of your Comment being on my current blog, you can find it at http://www.vivianswiftblog.com. I tried to send you this via your email button but either it’s not working or I am even more useless than I thought.


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