SOMETIMES, there is no explanation


I took this photo with my iPhone. When I got home and looked at it, I could not figure out what the particles were on the left side. I added a filter in snapseed as it bumped up the drama, but I did absolutely nothing to this photo that would account for the particles. It makes it look otherworldly. Whatever it is, however it happened, I will just chalk it up to serendipity. Happy April 1st! And, I am not pulling an April Fool’s joke on you either.


11 thoughts on “SOMETIMES, there is no explanation

  1. Gorgeous shot! And you know, as the discoverer of all those asteroids, you get to name them. I’ve always thought that “Chuck” would be a good name for a heavenly body, like Comet Chuck, or Black Hole Chuck. See? Not at all scary.


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